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    How a Land Survey Can Help You Decide if You Should Purchase a Property

    Land Property
    Depending on the state you are living in, you may be required to have a land survey performed after purchasing land. Many states require that you must have a land survey performed before you are allowed to build a new home. Even if a land survey is not required when purchasing land, you may still want to have a survey done for several reasons.
    Avoid Land Disputes
    A land survey is an essential part of purchasing a home. By knowing exactly what you own, you will be able to resolve land disputes.
    For instance, if a neighbor builds a fence and you believe that the fence is a part of your property, that fence could determine whether you would like to purchase the property. If your neighbor later disputes whether a portion of your property belongs to you, the land survey will play a key role in settling the dispute. 
    Know How Much Land You Will Own
    Determining exactly how much land you own will affect whether you believe that the property is worth the price. Some property owners do not know how much property they own. A land survey can clarify this.
    After you have the property surveyed, you will receive a map called a plat. This will show all property lines and measurements. In addition to keeping this map in your records, you will usually be able to download it online. The survey should include a written description of the property because properties often do not have distinct landmarks to identify a property. 
    Understand What You Can Do With Your Property
    Land surveying allows you to envision the decisions you might make when you own the property. Zoning restrictions can affect what you are allowed to build on your property. For instance, there is often a certain distance that any structure needs to be from the street or restrictions on how large or wide a shed can be depending on what zone the shed is located in.
    The land survey should identify any setbacks, easements or other restrictions that will have an impact on the development of your property. Easements are sections of the property that others are allowed to use. Because property owners have the right to access to their property, if the location of your property would otherwise block another property owner from entering it, a section of your land may be an easement.
    If you have plans for your property, but you discover that you cannot have them executed due to the land survey, you may choose to not purchase the property. A land survey can prevent problems from coming up later on if you don't purchase the property already aware of restrictions that may not allow you to carry out your plans.
    Secure Financing
    When you are having your new property financed, you may need to have land surveying performed. Otherwise, the lender may not be willing to lend to you because the lender will own your property if you are not able to make your mortgage payments. The lender will want to know how much land you will own. You can use a previously done land survey if it is less than 10 years old.
    If you are not sure whether you would like a land survey, the good news is that a local land surveyor will be happy to provide an estimate of how much it will cost. Therefore, reach out to a land surveyor when buying a home. If you are located in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth or the surrounding areas, contact John E Sirine & Associates for professional surveying services.